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SMEBOX (Sweden)

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Kenneth OE Sundin




SMEBOX AB was founded 1999 based on the “IT-SMEltery” – product. A product that helped SMEs to implement ICT as a strategic product in their business and business development.


A Toolbox of useful tools for SMEs - giving the name SMEBOX.


The objectives to deliver “Inspiration – Knowledge – Development” to small- and medium sized companies have from start been very clear. This vision has brought SMEBOX into many different activities for SMEs in Sweden and also in a number of countries outside Sweden. Education and Training, Consulting, Coaching, Mentoring, Projects, Seminars, Workshops - both IRL, on-the site and also more and more net based.


Among other things the event “Smebox-day” was initiated to gather project-managers and stakeholders from the whole of Sweden dealing with SME-projects.


Smebox has also organised similar conferences and seminars on behalf of other organisations – eg. Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth and others.


”The Ship of Entrepreneurs” was born in cooperation with Swedish Federation of Business Owners and gathered participants from all over Sweden for the annual trip during a period of 5 years

SmeAcademy is another example on a hiving of “Smebox-day”. SmeAcademy is a network for the Knowledge FOR and ABOUT SME- companies and the entrepreneurs in them. The members are from a wide range of private and public organisations in mostly Sweden and Europe and some from outside Europe, as a result of an increased focus on international coorporation.


Smebox has and is participating in a number of transnational projects – many with the EU-perspective (