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LEXSHA explores ...

… a user-friendly learning environment aimed at fulfilling the training needs of VSE, emphasizing on:

  • byte-size modules (few minutes) with narrow scope
  • application of ICT and Communication skills to real business experiences
  • knowledge sharing and peer learning among small enterprises.

LEXSHA will ...

… reach the following objectives:

  • design and evaluate an innovative sustainable model, supported by an e-platform, on how to identify own competences, produce experienced-based digital contents and share knowledge
  • create the conditions for a multiplication of the results by empowering VSE in peer learning
  • efficiently integrate the benefits of ICT tools and Communication skills in the vocational training system
  • design and apply a valorisation plan that generates a European dimension for the developed model.

LEXSHA builds on ...

… the results and conclusions of the BizLearn.Net project (

  • a research describing VSE in Europe and lack of VSE oriented training
  • a 8 hours face-to-face training "How to become a knowledge provider” that has been tested and evaluated in 9 European countries with groups of VSEs

The results of BizLearn.Net show that VSEs need a new learning environment focusing in their immediate needs (just-in-time training). With the training, participants gain confidence to identify their own skills and knowledge and make proposal of subjects to be shared with others VSE. However, a wider choice of contents must be offered to VSE to gain autonomy in sharing knowledge, and access to mobile training must be considered.

LEXSHA is implemented ...

… by partners from France, Portugal, Sweden, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Lithuania, Greece and Germany that are responsible for single work packages within the project.

LEXSHA has been funded ...

… with support from the European Commission as a Leonardo da Vinci Development of Innovation Project under the Lifelong Learning Programme from 01/01/2014 to 31/12/2015 (539110-LLP-1-2013-1-FR-LEONARDO-LMP).