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Knowledge is power – really? To acquire and possess knowledge achieves very little, but the application of relevant, accurate knowledge is something altogether something different.

John Moore, Managing Director Exponential Training & Assessment 

Unlike middle-sized and large organizations, small and micro enterprises have generally limited resources to invest in regular training. This means not only financial resources but is also related with time constraints as often the same person has to assume the responsibility in all the areas of the company e.g. commercial, technical, administrative.


This results in far lower than average ECVET quotas for small and micro enterprises. Nevertheless, the need for further education is estimated to grow strongly motivated by the increasing competition.


Small and micro enterprises demand for training solutions which are

  • individual
  • subject-specific
  • uncomplicated
  • cheap.


A greater proximity and cooperation between small businesses is doubtless a valuable factor for enhancing the entrepreneurs’ demand and access to continuous training.